TOPPYMORE    男装    H618824



These 2-in-1 trail shorts are one of the must-haves in trail range.

This 3rd edition has a slightly different cut, deeper pockets, and a new drawstring design for a modern look and comfortable feel.

Featuring technology, they offer the ideal level of compression and excellent muscle support

High-level athletes, sports doctors and physiotherapists have been consulted on the design of these High Performance Trail Running shorts.

Compression & muscle support: improves performance by reducing the risk of cramps and muscle pain.

More freedom of movement: ultra-stretchy material now even thicker for optimal use in colder weather. The fibres regulate perspiration to keep your body fresh and dry.


Compression shorts: the inner shorts offer compression + muscle support to improve performance and prevent cramps and muscle pain.

Outer shorts: Designed with very lightweight stretch fabric, the outer shorts offer optimal moisture transfer to the exterior for quick drying.

The flatlock stitching minimises the risk of skin irritation and the elasticated waistband with drawstring gives abdominal support.


Usage:  Trail Running

Stretchabilit:y  100% Stretch

Breathability;   Totaly breathable

Sun protection; Very good - 40 UPF

Key points: Ultra-lightweight, Antibacterial, durably limits odors, Quick drying